Colorado Life Insurance Coverage

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Typical life insurance pays a certain amount of money to a named beneficiary in case of death of the insured. Wilson Group Insurance offers different life insurance coverage options and finance plans.

Which Life Insurance Options Do We Offer?

Term Life Insurance

Term life coverage is a simple and affordable policy that doesn't have a monetary value. Its primary function is to reimburse a particular lump sum to the designated beneficiary once an insured person dies. We offer the same policy limit and death benefit. Besides, the coverage regularly provides financial support to bereaved families to replace any loss they might have experienced after their sole provider passed on.

When purchasing the coverage from our firm, you need to make prompt premium payments. If you fail to pay for any particular month, we terminate the insurance. Furthermore, we aren't obliged to compensate for previous premiums paid before the policy's termination. The plan suits Colorado residents who don't require universal life insurance.

Whole Life Insurance

We offer adequate protection for family members who rely on a person as they accumulate cash value. The coverage provides a death benefit if you die. Also, there is a savings aspect which develops over time. Our premium doesn't increase in your lifetime provided you adhere to our agreed payment plan.

Universal Life Insurance

Our universal life policy ensures that you control your premiums. Also, it protects your dependents after your demise. Besides, we allow time to build cash value. Our coverage enables you to update your death benefit after a while. Moreover, you can change the amount and payment time of your premium. Whole life and universal life policies allow people to borrow loans or make withdrawals using their policy's cash value.

Are you interested in reliable life insurance in Colorado? Get a free quote from Wilson Group Insurance. We have over five years of experience in the industry. Besides, we offer competitive rates for our policies. Contact us for a free consultation.

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